AMWC 2011 – 9th Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress & Medispa 24-26 Marzo 2011

Si tiene a Monte Carlo presso il Principato di Monaco dal 24 al 26 marzo il 9th Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress & Medispa.

We are delighted to propose you an outstanding program in line with our commitment to innovation, expertise, and excellence, sharing a wealth of experience as well as teaching skills.

The Scientific Committee of the AMWC has designed an extensive and full program with international faculty members from over 95 countries to contribute to the improvement of your everyday practice.

In addition, following the development of Preventive and Anti-Aging medicine, the AMWC 2011 includes numerous advanced academic and clinical sessions with lectures presented by prominent experts in the field as well as from research centers and universities.

We also hope and are confident that you will enjoy your visit to the very exclusive and elegant Principality of MONACO! Enjoy your stay and the AMWC 2011 congress.

Pierre ANDRÉ
Claude DALLE
Scientific Directors




Scarica qui il programma in AMWC 2011 in PDF